On the MyFLIR APP what is the Image Realignment Utility?

1. The alignment between the thermal and visible camera is adjustable quickly by tapping on the alignment icon to the right of the menu icon and moving the slider until the alignment is correct. Move the slider to the left for closer objects and right for ones further away.
2. Within the MyFLIR settings menu, there is also a tool that allows you to adjust the alignment if at any time the thermal camera and normal camera alignment drifts.
3. Select Settings and then scroll down to “”Image Realignment Utility””.
4. In this screen you have 2 options; Revert and Cancel.
Revert – Selecting this will revert to the factory alignment.
Cancel – Cancels the current re-alignment.
On the screen, you have the option to pause and adjust the alignment, use the camera icon and then use your finger to align and then save.