How do I use the device in camera/video mode when underwater?

The S61 comes with the ability to be used underwater to take photographs or record video. Be careful to not go deeper than 3 metres or for longer than 1 hour.
1. You can enable Underwater mode at any time by ‘triple pressing’ the power key or from tapping the underwater camera icon from within the camera mode menu.
2. The Underwater mode disables the touch screen and the recent android key.
3. Use the Volume up button to take a picture or start / stop a video.
4. Tap the Volume down button to switch between photo and video.
5. Hold the Volume down button to switch between the front and back camera.
6. Return to regular camera mode by tapping the Android back key.
7. Exit the camera and disable underwater mode by pressing the Android home key.
8. Turn off your display and exit the underwater camera by pressing the side power key.