How do I use the device in camera/video mode when underwater?

1. The S60 comes with the ability to be used underwater to take photographs or record video.
NOTE: Ensure you have set the waterproof depth switch in accordance with the depth you intend to use the device at.
2. The first step is to decide if you intend to take video or photographs and select the correct option via the camera App
3. Then you need to access the settings menu and scroll down to Programmable key in here select “Underwater mode”
4. The touchscreen will now be disabled, however touching the screen brings forward a visual of a locked and unlocked padlock, swiping this will enable the touchscreen.
5. If the device is for example in photograph mode and used in underwater mode using the volume up or down button will take photographs, in video mode pressing either volume up or volume down will start and stop the recording.
NOTE: Whichever mode you start the device in to change for either photograph to video or video to photograph, the customer will need to return to the surface to enable the touchscreen and use the camera app to enable the desired mode before selecting underwater mode again and continuing.