How do I find my IMEI Number?

The IMEI is a 15-digit number used to uniquely identify your phone. It may contain dashes or spaces between numbers.

1. The IMEI be found on the outside of the box that you received your phone.
2. If the box is not available, type into the device via the keyboard*#06# a pop-up box will show the device IMEI.
3. Select Settings and then About phone and then Status, you will now have the option to select IMEI information.
4. Just below the SD Card slot (behind the SIM/SD ports) is a small white label that is inserted into the phone that can slide outwards. It contains IMEI information on it. Be careful not to pull the label too far out as it may separate from the phone.
5. Your service provider will have this information if your phone has been active on their network.
6. Sales receipts will sometimes include this information.