Catching criminals with a thermal camera phone

The Cat S60 thermal camera helps catch criminals
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Everyone loves a good story of a criminal being caught and brought to book.  A policeman in South Africa shares his experience of using a Cat® S60 rugged smartphone to beat crime in a small, but significant, way.

The integrated thermal imaging camera in the Cat S60 shows heat signatures, allowing security guards and law enforcement officers to locate criminals who are hiding in the dark attempting to escaping capture.

Using thermal imaging in the security services

Stoffel Holtzhausen is a police officer in the South African Police Services who purchased a Cat S60 rugged smartphone after hearing about the integrated thermal imaging camera feature, a useful tool for those in the security services industry.

The Cat S60 helps to capture two criminals in one week

Within one week of purchasing his Cat S60, Stoffel was able to catch two dangerous criminals who had escaped custody by using the integrated thermal imaging camera.

Stoffel says, “The ruggedness of this phone is out of this world. It had fallen out of my pocket while driving on a police motorcycle and sustained damage and was still useable to its full potential when I picked it up.

In addition to using the thermal imaging feature, Stoffel has dropped his phone on numerous occasions whilst struggling to hold down criminals.  The phone stood true to its rugged capabilities and carried on working.

“I would like to thank Cat for this marvellous phone that they have designed.”  

The reliability of the Cat S60 is crucial in law enforcement

When lives are potentially on the line, clear and reliable communication is critical. With enhanced audio and extended battery life, not to mention class-leading rugged protection, Cat phones are the ideal devices for the security and law enforcement industries.

While physical protection is important, protection from expensive repair and replacement costs is also a primary concern for organisations. This is why with IP68 and MIL SPEC certification, Cat phones offer a far greater lifecycle than standard handsets.

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