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Cat phone users generate so many interesting case studies of how these rugged smart phones assist people in their everyday work and play.  On this occasion, a  Cat S60 smartphone with its integrated thermal imaging camera found a  home at an international risk management and IT infrastructure firm in Cape Town called red24.

The firm has a specialised IT Infrastructure and are also a risk management company delivering a range of products and services to businesses, organisations and individuals around the world.

By using the Cat S60 smartphone’s thermal imaging capabilities, they could identify that there were too many Virtual Machines running on a particular server and that it was too hot for them to operate efficiently.  The heat technology was also able to detect exactly which equipment was working too hard and which wasn’t, thereby allowing their technicians to be able to investigate further as to why this was the case.

In addition to this, the thermal imaging technology showed which switches on the distribution board were running hot, causing tripping.  Under normal circumstances, it would have been difficult to diagnose exactly where the heat was coming from.  By using this technology, any electrician would be saving time in diagnosing the problem.

The Cat S60’s integrated thermal imaging allows one to identify gaps in insulation, electrical faults and monitor the performance of machinery.

So, how did the team at red24 enjoy testing out the Cat S60 smartphone?

“We enjoyed checking out the features of it, and the rugged phone quality.  It feels solid and worthwhile for someone who is in the construction industry, or even an electrician”, Johann Baasden from Red24 said.

Would they consider buying it?

“I think our management team would definitely consider it!”.

Did you know?

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