The Cat® S60 smartphone – an invaluable tool in the security industry

Using a Cat S60 to source faults
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In the security industry, communication and sharing of information are equally crucial in the successful running of operations.  Having the right tools to ensure confidentiality of clients is also of critical importance.  In this case, the right tool turns out to be the Cat S60 smartphone.

The value of the Cat S60 for security specialists

Brendan Mackay Leslie is the director of security company, Vedi Security. Brendan tells us how he maximises the use of his rugged Cat® S60 smartphone in his daily work.

Reliable support

The Cat S60 phone has proven to be worthy of its rugged title, as Brendan can testify.  His staff have really put the phones to the test, with them being constantly man-handled, dropped and worked hard.

The waterproof design comes in useful as it allows the team to answer messages, take photos or read technical sheets while in the rain.

Better communication 

Brendan and his team make use of the Cat S40 and Cat S60 smartphone range extensively in their technical division:

  • they use group chats, cloud services and storage solutions to share photos of specific areas and training manuals
  • as the Cat S60 and S40 are android smartphones, it allows them to take advantage of all the apps and features to manage their times on a job, track vehicles and even control their log books
  • they also link their smart watches to their phones, which means messages can be checked and responded to, even in tricky situations

The security team also use a GPS tracking software to record where all guards are positioned on-site in real-time. It records guards’ movements, has a panic facility that calls their control room immediately and even allows them to access the torch function.

Tracking & seeing in the dark 

The team make extensive use of the camera capabilities to film instruction videos for their clients and diagnose faults for junior technicians.  The thermal imaging camera comes in handy for them regularly, too.

  • Brendan’s team constantly use their phones to see if there are birds, nests or rodents in roof spaces when they have found their cables chewed
  • Vedi Security guards use the thermal camera of the S60 to scout for potential perpetrators on their rounds in the dark, a very useful feature in security
  • The team have also shown initiative in the use of the thermal imaging feature: in one instance they used it to trace a vehicle which did not stop at a residential entrance, thinking they could hide in the dark, but the team used the feature to find the vehicle by tracking the heat coming off the engine.

 Keeping people safe 

Brendan ends off with a story which potentially could have saved a client’s house from burning down: “While my technicians were working at a client’s house on an alarm fault, they made a possibly lifesaving discovery.

“The client was away on holiday and had a house-sitter looking after the house. Being winter, the client had a fire going in the fire place. While my senior technician was in the ceiling he decided to look at the chimney using the thermal imaging feature to try and work out the temperature of the bricks of the chimney.

“When he put the thermal feature on in the pitch-black ceiling void he noticed straight away that two of the wooden rafters next to the chimney were showing up hot. He then went up to the chimney and turned the normal camera on with the flash and saw that the wood had been burning at some point.

“It was all black and charred almost looking like charcoal. We reported it and the feedback from the client was that had that been left, it they could have resulted in a fire or the rafter breaking.”

See the TV ad which ran on SA TV in 2016 featuring Brendan.

Need a phone to help you at work? Discover how the Cat S60 or Cat S40 smartphone could benefit you.




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