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A while ago, our team filmed conservation wildlife warrior, Divan Grobler, who is well known for taking on the role of caring for Osita; an orphaned rhino.  Osita was rescued after being abandoned by his mother when he was born.

Grobler is the Conservation Manager at the Aquila Game Reserve near Touws River, South Africa and was part of a team who found Osita.

Cat phones spent some time catching up with Divan to find out how Osita is doing and if his rugged Cat® S60 smartphone is keeping up to its title as being one of the best rugged phones in the field.

Divan, can you give us a quick update since we last filmed you on how things are going?

Osita is doing amazingly well and will be off milk soon.  He has grown over a ton in weight and loves his walks in the reserve.  We have also rescued another orphan who has bonded with Osita very well.  The two orphans are close like brothers.

The new orphan – another young male, was found back in February, at just a few weeks old suckling from his deceased mother on a farm in the Mpumalanga area. Divan spent 10 long days and nights stabilizing the traumatized baby and working hard to gain his trust. He then traveled by road, with Divan at his side, to the newly opened ‘Saving Private Rhino’ orphanage.

Osita has really taken him under his wing and the calf has come on in leaps and bounds.

The best time is when they go for walks, and they have just had their mud bath – the two of them start playing non-stop, chasing each other around and play fighting.

Osita is now on release stage of his life and we are busy planning this process.

To watch the original video of Divan and Osita filmed by our team, see below.

Are you still using your Cat S60 smartphone?  What have you been using it for?

Yes, I am still using my Cat phone.  My favourite feature remains that it can’t break easily and that it’s dustproof and waterproof.  I’ve been using it for all purposes of a normal smartphone as well as making lots of videos.  For my line of work, the durability and the environment which I am in, it’s perfect for me. The quality of the camera is also very good.

A bonus of the Cat S60 rugged smartphone, is that I have been able to take the temperatures of the babies with the thermal feature of the phone at night, without having to stress the calves out by turning on bright lights or making much noise.

‘Saving Private Rhino’

Osita and his new friend have been getting a lot of attention, particularly with the enthusiastic support of a young wildlife warrior, Hunter Mitchell.  Hunter has been spending a lot of time spreading the word about changing the future of rhino’s in South Africa and fundraising for the orphans and other Saving Private Rhino initiatives. At just 10 years old, Hunter Mitchell has been named a Lead SA Youth Hero, the International Steve Irwin Visionary Wildlife Warrior and most recently one of the Top 200 South Africans to follow in the Mail & Guardian 200 Young list for 2017 for his incredible rhino conservation work.

The most recent initiative being the introduction our 24-hour free national Rapid Rhino Response service, including the rhino orphanage, rhino rehabilitation centre, free anti-poaching courses and K9 anti-poaching training centre.

The fast free support is available to all rhino owners in South Africa. In the event of a rhino emergency, our dedicated Saving Private Rhino staff and veterinarians are able to offer, free of charge, the following services to game reserves throughout South Africa:

  • Free telephonic support: 086 11 RHINO (74466)
  • Free expert rhino carer dispatched immediately to your reserve.
  • If required, free transportation of the orphaned rhino to our safe and secure rhino orphanage OR we can provide free training to your appropriate reserve personnel to care for the orphan on site.
  • Reconstructive surgery by leading veterinary surgeon (free of charge at our facility).

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved, please go to their Facebook page: Saving Private Rhino – An Aquila Private Game Reserve Initiative

If you are interested in finding out more about the Cat S60 Rugged Phone, you can contact us by going to our website: or you can follow us on social media:

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